Our effort is directed toward the production of extra virgin olive oil of the utmost quality. But how can one recognize a perfect olive oil?

What follows is a brief guide to tasting; and techniques one can follow to better appreciate all fragrances.


This process will let you perceive some of the olive oil’s main qualities and flavors:


Fruity: the totality of the olfactory perceptions that distinguish an olive oil obtained from healthy and fresh fruit, green and ripe, perceived directly or in the back of the nose;

Bitter: basic flavor characteristic of oil obtained by green or ripening olives, perceived by the tongue’s fungi form taste-buds.

Spicy: the tactile burning sensation typical of oil products at the beginning of the harvest, mostly from still green olives; it can be perceived throughout the oral cavity, especially in the throat;

Grassy: specific fruity hue which recalls the aroma of freshly cut grass, typical of Tuscan oils;

Almond and bitter almond: flavor typified by an aftertaste that recalls the namesake fruit;

Floral: pleasant sensation which reminds us of the penetrating aroma of flowers;

Green tomato: a fragrance that reminds us of the same name fruit, typical of olive oils of particular origin such as the Sicilian ones;

Color from green to yellow: one or the other can prevail depending on the origin, the extraction technology and ripening degree of the fruit. Be careful: the color does not influence the quality of the oil.


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